• Live: North Sea Jazz Festival July 11, 1993

    Larry DeBari-g, Gary Foote-b, Neil Capolongo-d, Glen McClelland-kbd, Jerry Sokolov-t, Steve Guttman-t-md, Tim Ries-ts, Charley Gordon-trom, David Clayton- Thomas-v

    Both selections written by David Clayton-Thomas
    “Lucretia MacEvil” arranged by Dick Halligan
    “Spinning Wheel” arranged by Fred Lipsius

    In the 60’s

    The Argentine revolutionary Ernesto “Che” Guevara travelled to Africa and then Bolivia in his campaigning to spread worldwide revolution. He was captured and executed in 1967 by the Bolivian army, and afterwards became an iconic figure for the left wing around the world.

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    1. @kegsen No kidding. I used to play trumpet in grade school and then baritone. Just watching these guys hit them notes makes my lips want to cry. What a great job. It takes years of extreem hard work and only a few can ever hit them notes. People of the world today in the music world with there rap crap..Go back to church and Pay that GOD will take you for all that bad language and destroying childrens ears with the pityful fake bass.

    2. We had 'Lucretia MacEvil' in our high school pep band folder. We rarely ever played it, though because it was difficult to rehearse (compared to most of the rest of the folder, anyway). I loved playing it.

      We also had 'Go Down Gamblin' but never played it.

    3. What a song, what a band, what a voice, what a show! And what a good time. This does not return. Unfortunately .
      David Clayton-Thomas simply wonderful.

      Thanks for posting 

    4. I Think I have been the first one who did sing those songs with my Band Understatement here in Vienna back many long Years ago in the Wiener Hofburg, and any & all major places here in Vienna, Austria (Europe: NO Kangoroohs, I'm very sorry, at those times), when I was Young 😉

      Nowadays, just in progess to Buy my brand new Yamaha FX 6/8, I shall, for sure,
      try to perform it alone just with my voice and my Yamaha Keyboard ;.)

      Greetings from Vienna,


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