• Buddy Guy plays “Stormy Monday” as Jimi Hendrix watches in awe. Then about half way through the video Jimi gets on stage with him. Definitely not high-quality video but talent sure is high-quality and then some….enjoy! This is from 1968.

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    1. Here is my 2 cents: I think the unidentified guitarist is Dave Mason. I posed the question to him on his FB page, hopefully he can shed some light on this. There are several strange things I noticed about this clip, some are probably unimportant (this was most likely shot on film and not videotape, where is the film?) and others may be significant (who is the stage set for, it is definitely not Hendrix and probably not Buddy Guy). Anyways, I will post more if I get a reply.

    2. the guitar world has buddy guy to thank for everything including rock and roll he gets 0 credit. Jimi learned EVERYTHING from buddy. listen to guitar players before buddy came on the scene and after guutar was never the same.

    3. A short piece of this video, with better quality, is on the awesome DVD "Lightning in a Bottle." If you are not aware of Buddy Guy's genius, this is a great place to start. Jimi's long gone, but Buddy not only has lived long, but is getting the recognition that he has so looooong had coming…

    4. Who's doing the guitar licks at 6:26 to 8:19? It's not Buddy or Jimi. Some say it's Bob Margonlin, some say Dave Mason, another says Hugh McCracken. I'm inclined to say "Hugh" simply because of the sound. That nose profile might give it away as well.

    5. Jimi Hendrix was the worst guitar player in music history. All teeth, noise and showing off. No taste, no feel and no rhythm and copied everybody else but badly. Same with the Beatles, who couldn't write memorable songs to save their lives, destroyed Englands place in 60's pop music and took song structures back ten years (A day in the life) making Milli Vanilli look like great inspired original artists they were (now they had a body of real genre changing music). Same with John Bonham who could never even keep a beat and was just a tub thumping spastic. James Brown had no sense of rhythm either and copied all the other earlier funk artists.
      Even Mozart made cat's music and Leonardo da Vinci was the talentless and unimaginative. Justin Bieber and Adele are the real hard core deal while Van Gogh and Picasso couldn't even paint; Muhammed Ali could not box and Bruce Lee was so slow he made a sloth look like greased lightning. Lastly Einstein was so dum couldn't count to ten and was ADHD. Yeah sure!

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