• watch a never seen before interview with jerry lee lewis and his 13 year old wife.

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    1. I love how people are defending this as if it was alright. One, she was a cousin of his, Two, she was way too young, Three, England had a fit because their practices were marrying within a reasonable age. Either that or they married because of financial issues.
      There are lots of countries who've been doing that for years so they could save their families from poverty.
      Jerry just did it because of the illusion of 'love' entered the equation somewhere…keep in mind, this is America. Nobody marries into another's family for money unless they're just a gold digger lol

    2. If he was a muslim and this happened today, the same liberals and other trash who whine here now would be up in arms defending him with throws like "It's part of their culture", "so beautiful, shut up racists saying he's pedo" and so forth.

    3. Roman Polanski still gets critical acclaim and Academy Award nominations and he drugged and raped a 13 year old. Slate.com's film critic called for a boycott of ENDER'S GAME because its author is against gay marriage. The same woman wrote a glowing review of pedophile Roman Polanski's THE GHOST WRITER.

    4. Americans might want to take a history lesson on what life was like between 1920s and 1950s in their country.
      I'm not defending Jerry Lee Lewis, but he came from a place and time where I would safely say 1/2 of the Married adults around him above the age of 40 were Married in their very early teens.
      Most middle American small towns, especially farming and mining towns, people were getting married 13, 14, and 15 years old all throughout the 1920s/1930s.
      It's not like values or morals have changed, its just back in those days education held very little value, "kids" 13 years old could leave home get work, and get paid enough to support a family working on a farm or in a mine,etc.
      To put things into perspective, it would be like in today's society (if no child protection laws were in place), and your little 13 Johnny or little 13 Susie could leave home and get a job making over 75k a year, and religion (marriage) still played an important role in society.
      So a 20 year old Lewis in the 1950s, was raised surrounded by relics of past with the thinking regarding marriage (guys returning from the war marring in their 20s wasn't the norm before 1940) .
      The late 1940s (after the war) was a time in American history where ideas and ideals were changing, by the 1950s culture and thinking had changed, and America was headed into a new direction and different way of thinking, Lewis was 'new aged music' with an old world/life foundation.

    5. Jerry Lee Lewis was 14 in his first marriage and Myra was his third wife when he was 22 and the marriage lasted 13 years. So he was taught at a yound age, threw his first wife that it was ok to marry young. Times were different then. 

    6. my great grand parents were 99 and 94 when they died they were from tennesee and virginia and they were second cousins,  it was common in the south and i bet you had relatives that did the same  so i defend jerry lee lewis.  also my second girlfriend was 14 and i 21 with her parents approval  but she was not a second cousin, and so if she were. its first cousins you dont want to marry

    7. You have to understand,,back in those days you were not classified as a pedofile by having a very young girlfriend or wife,,of course it was frowned upon,but not illegal,..also remember when Elvis Presley was courting and with Pricilla she was also only 14 years old..nobody suggested he was a pedofile..Things and times have changed a lot now in these days..On present day legal ages,,they both would have been in big trouble…

    8. It's interesting to see what fandom can do to people. If Lewis were an anonymous sharecropper, no one in their right mind would be defending his decision to marry a child. 

    9. Yeh its totally gross now but back then it was different. Its not an excuse but things then and now r so different. He should of waites till she was a little older

    10. I'm real ate to jerry because my moms last name was gilley and Their was someone named Mickey Gilley that was cousins with jerry and Mickey gilley and jimmy swaggert and I just now found this out today

    11. better get your facts right 1969madame,it was legal to marry at that young age in some states in America in the mid late 50s,im not saying it was popular,but in those states LEGAL..I was a teenager in those days,and the freedoms to do as you wish,say as you wish,play as you wish were far more liberal and unrestricted compared to todays rules and regulations,thats why those of my era call it the good old days…it was about FREEDOM..nowadays you cannot do this or do that,be careful what you say,you may be in trouble,can not go here or there as you wish a it may be illegal,so many things I could go on and quote,,but you have a mind set in a more recent era,so you have no idea what im talking about,and are so rigid in your present day thinking,you cannot accept the ways things were in a time gone past…

    12. in the old west they married 13 years olds all the time and nowadays you really cant even tell anymore some states may change the legal age to 16… he may have been robbed of his youth by playing music all the time and was immature..

    13. Some of you people are so ignorant,a pedophile is someone who is attracted to someone who has not reached the age of puberty! IE:7 year olds,10 year olds,etc. When you are 13,you are at the age of puberty. Therefore Jerry Lee is not a fucking pedophile also,know the facts before you judge. Myra's parents were ok with them marrying not to mention they knew each other their whole lives.

    14. … wtf is your problem, people?
      What makes you think you have any right to have a saying in other peple's sex lives? A friend of mine LOVES women same age with his mother's. THAT is what makes him feel alive, for God's sake! That kind of women turn him on, makes him wanna. Same way, young girls (teens) is what makes other men wanna have sex. As long as it's consensual… it's none of your business.

    15. why is it such a big thing for Jerry and Myra when it is almost completely silent about Elvis and Priscilla ! Elvis was 25 , and Priscilla 14 , Jerry was 21 and Myra 13 , they were married for 13 years and Myra says she really loved him! Jerry married herself for the first time when he was 14 , it was normal in the south and then he was brought up that way. Wrong or not , but the thing is that they did not think they did anything wrong and had to pay a high price for it! How is a 13 year old in today's society ? Are they married before debut ? Myra was atleast it!

    16. Jerry Lee Lewis the great American Son writer was born Born: September 29, 1935. His wife was born 1946. They were only 11 years apart. Their marriage and acceptance in society was for people that lacked a long term view, unaaceptable. Yet during the Mason Holcaust people voted for maqson presidents and world leader who knew no bounderies during their run. Mason men were known to sleep with and murder boys as young as three to four years old. They also through men women and children into their religious fires, were responsible for Africa's Ebola Virus, Aids, Genocide, ethnic cleansing, mass murder, serial murder, pogroms, and for ruining the lives of people all over the world with their terror, their drugs and their lies somthing I still have to deal with. – Vervbm Dei people voted for practically make Jerry Lewis a saint that abides by the Law of God that mankind shall not lay with mankind. JV Verbvm Dei

    17. In Kentucky, West Virginia and many other isolated rural areas It was (and may still be) common for girls to marry at the age of 13 or 14.  With any girl not being married by the time she reached 28 or 30 years of age being considered a spinster, and well on the way to becoming an old maid. This is still very much the case in practically all 3rd-world countries where women past the age of 40 look much older than they are and considered to be "over-the-hill".

    18. In most 3rd world countries, there's an understanding that "if she's old enough to bleed, she's old enough to breed."  Like it or not, there's truth in it.

    19. um ok well I love his talent and I like him I don't care if he married his cousin who cares love is love you would think after 60 yrs people would just let it go. Have some respect for the man. There's more immorality these days then there was back then. leave him alone…

    20. I loved his records so very much and had all of them, I listen to them now and they bring back wonderful memories of that time. We were rationed to about three or four singles a year here in the UK. We hardly ever got to see these people on film or television so when you did, it was a rare treat. I had to wait until 1962 before I actually saw him live.

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