• Janis Joplin and Tom Jones singing Raise your hand on television in 1969.

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    1. tom must have been cool elvis hung out with him,he held his own in the cool dept with Janis except she shook her butt a little harder and wailed sum moor

    2. OMG Tom Jones and Janis Joplin dancing like they were in the club. LOL this is really great. Janis, I have to admit, has more power than Tom but he kept up well.

    3. When Janis came on the "Tom Jones Show" in `69, she was a controversial figure; it was controversial putting her on the show. Parts of the country wouldn't play her music.Jones loved her talent and gave her a shot, then said she stole the show. "Nobody has the passion to sing and entertain that Janis Joplin does. She has a helluva voice, to boot."So true!

    4. She wipes him right off the stage and that`s not easy `cause this was Tom Jones at the height of his fame.  She is even more sensational in retrospect than I perceived at the time.  I dedicated `Ladies of Pop Rock` (`Rock Mommas`) to Janis having interviewed her for the book.  She was alive at time of publication.

    5. Tom was great, but WHY didn't Janis record anything with James Brown or Otis Redding???  Perhaps there was no audio system durable enough? :-D

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